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Lectures and Presentations

29 Oct 2014
India’s Global Future
Richard Fontaine

14 Jun 2013
India–U.S. Relations
Her Excellency Nirupama Rao

17 Oct 2012
The Civil War of 1812: American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies
Alan Taylor

7 Apr 2011
India and the Globalization of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Allam Appa Rao

2 Dec 2009
The Trauma of Lost Territory: Discourses of Partition in India and Thailand
Shane R. Strate

8 Oct 2009
Making a Difference through Service and Humanitarian Outreach: Working with Leper Outcasts in India
Padma Venkataraman

14 Nov 2008
Missing Queues: Enduring Insights from India
Loryn Anderson

6 Mar 2007
The Information Revolution in India
Wajahat Habibullah

29 Sep 2006
Patriotism in Another Land: Passage between Provo, India, and Ithaca
Enoch Lambert

10 May 2006
Doing Business in India Today: McDonalds®
Experience Entering the Indian Market

Kishore C. Dash

20 Mar 2006
India–UN Relations
His Excellency Nirupam Sen

15 Feb 2006
Cultural Preference for Sons and Female Neglect in India
Ramaswami Mahalingam

3 Nov 2005
India–U.S. Relations
His Excellency Ronan Sen

30 Sep 2005
A Neuropsychologist's Tale: India to Rhode Island and Back Again
David Tate

10 Dec 2003
India-U.S. Relations
His Excellency Lalit Mansingh

25 Mar 1998
When All Women Lift: Development of India
Clarice Auluck-Wilson

18 Sep 1996
Indian Politics
C. D. Arha

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