Brigham Young University


Undergraduate Programs FAQs

Q: How do I declare a Kennedy Center major or minor?
A: Visit the Advisement Center in 273 HRCB.

Q: What is interdisciplinary study?
A: All Kennedy Center majors and minors are interdisciplinary. Designed to support a broad global understanding, major and minor requirements are filled from a variety of departments (i.e., history, economics, political science), rather than a one-discipline focus.

Q: Do I need foreign language skills for the area studies minor included in the international relations major?
A: Yes, students should not use their native language for an area studies minor.

Q: Can I declare two minors?
A: Yes. Bring a minor clearance form to the Advisement Center for any additional minors. These are found in the advisement center for your minor and must be signed. They will be tracked here with your major.

Q: When do I apply for graduation?
A: The best time to apply for graduation is during registration for your last semester at BYU. Deadlines are in November for April graduation, in April for August graduation, and in September for December graduation.

Q: How can I tell if I am on track for graduation?
A: A visit with the academic advisor to go over your progress report (ABC) will help you determine your progress toward graduation. The junior year is an ideal time to make this visit to assist you with your graduation plans.

Q: What is the mailing address for the Kennedy Center?
A: If you have questions, our mailing address, telephone, and fax numbers are:

David M. Kennedy Center
for International Studies
Brigham Young University
237 HRCB
Provo, UT 84602

toll free number: (877) 890-5668
fax number: (801) 422-0382