Brigham Young University

UN-Related Internships

World Food Program (WFP)

This unpaid internship is available to currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students with at least two years of undergraduate studies. Interested students must submit a CV and an application online.

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTFY)

This unpaid internship is open to candidates who have an educational background in law, journalism, translation and interpretation, and information technology. Applications should be submitted approximately six months in advance.


These unpaid internships are available depending on need. Applications must be submitted two to three months in advance. Refer to the following guide for deadline dates:

  • Deadline: 1 October for January–May internships
  • Deadline: 1 March for June–August internships
  • Deadline: 1 July for September–December internships

Application forms and procedures are available at the site.

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Internships

Geneva, Switzerland
Open to graduate students in a field related to United Nations—drafting ability in either English or French is required. Interns are selected twice a year, in May/June for the third quarter (1 July–30 September) and fourth quarter (1 October–31 December), and in November/December for the following first quarter (1 January–31 March) and second quarter (1 April–30 June)
Consult the site for more information.