Brigham Young University

BYU Internships

All European internships for BYU academic credit are coordinated through the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies. Apply online here.

Long-Standing Internship Opportunities
BYU has long-standing internship opportunities with various European entities. Regular internships in Scotland, Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Romania are available in a variety of fields, such as social services, art history, biology, tourism, gastronomy and more. Other internships allow students a choice of several European locations, such as the European Governance internship and LDS Employment Services. For more specific and updated information, please refer to Europe > Internships on the ISP Program Finder.

Program Customization
In addition to these established programs, CSE and the Kennedy Center will accommodate program customization. Students interested in creating their own internships or getting credit for an internship found on an off-campus resource need only to bring their options and ideas to a facilitator, who will work with the student to accredit an individualized internship. See “Off-Campus Resources” on the left menu.

Even though all European internships are coordinated through the Kennedy Center, students may utilize department internship offices for more ideas on what previous students in their major have done for European internships. For a list of department internship coordinators, click here.

Students are encouraged to browse the web site, attend information meetings, and e-mail a student facilitator with questions.