Brigham Young University


The Center for the Study of Europe dedicates a great deal of its funding to community outreach activities. As a Title VI Resource Center, CSE's goal is to promote European scholarship, interaction, and appreciation among various community and academic sectors. CSE outreach activities offer opportunities to a variety of communities including K–12 students, elementary and secondary educators, Utah businesses and media outlets, and of course, BYU students and faculty.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, CSE is trying some new ways to provide European experiences at BYU. People on campus as well as those in the community are invited to attend a series of European-based events throughout the year. The Europe in a Nutshell conference will kick off the year with a two-day crash course on everything going on in Europe politically, economically, culturally, and environmentally. CSE will then continue to provide its monthly speaker series, Café CSE. Finally, everyone can end the year with a weeklong celebration of CSE including distinguished lectures, performances, culinary events, and more. On top of all this, CSE's Go Europe Giveaway offers prizes including round-trip airfare to Europe throughout the school year.

Outside of these 10th anniversary events, elementary students may participate in CSE's annual art competition. K–12 teachers may also participate in a variety of workshops, classes, and seminars to improve teaching in everything from foreign languages to Shakespearean drama. CSE outreach activities will extend to business in addition to European business competitions and Utah Europe Days—increasing the interaction between Utah businesses and Europe.