Brigham Young University

Requests for Funding

The Center for the Study of Europe offers funding to help faculty members in three basic areas of their work: research, teaching, and citizenship.

Every year, CSE awards a number of Faculty Research Grants of approximately $1,500–4,000. During the 2013–14 academic year, CSE will particularly focus awards on travel expenses, with plans to award ten airfare grants of $1,500 each. The deadline for grant proposals is 1 October 2013. Please visit the Faculty Research Grants page for more information.

In addition to Faculty Research Grants, CSE also offers funding for a number of Europe-related activities. Faculty interested in receiving funding for the 2013–14 academic year should complete the funding application template and submit applications to Lora Cook at by 1 October 2013. Funding is available for activities in the following categories:

Course Development: CSE has funding to support the development of new Europe-focused courses that could be taught on campus by the end of 2015. Mini-grants ranging from $500–2,500 are available for faculty who develop a course syllabus by 1 July 2014 and receive a commitment to teach the course at least once by fall 2015. Inter-disciplinary proposals and course collaborations across two or more departments are especially encouraged.

Language across the Curriculum: CSE can support the enrichment of regular BYU courses. Models vary, but past courses have offered a sub-set of students the chance to read and debate course materials or write some assignments in a European language they already speak. Grants range from $200–1,000, depending on the number of students and the intensity of the language sub-section. These grants are only appropriate to enrich courses otherwise taught in English.

Speaker Co-Sponsorship: CSE has funding to co-sponsor campus speakers and/or conferences related to European topics. Funding generally ranges from $200–1,000 per speaker or conference.

International Program Development and Enhancement: CSE makes grants of $200–1,000 to develop, enhance, or expand Europe-related international study programs, including international internship development, study abroad program development, and study abroad enhancement (e.g., using local guest speakers, etc.).

Please contact Lora Cook if you have questions or problems downloading or filling out the funding application template.

Faculty may also request funding throughout the academic year. All requests for CSE funds should be directed to Lora Cook, CSE administrative director. If you would like to discuss proposals in any of the above categories, please contact Wade Jacoby, CSE faculty director.