Brigham Young University

Faculty Language Acquisition

Faculty desiring to improve their language skills can now do so from the convenience of their own computer. The TellMeMore program offers on and off-campus faculty language training in English as a Second Language, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish for Spain, Spanish for Latin America, and additional languages to be added down the road. The Center of the Study of Europe (CSE) joins the College of Humanities, the HBLL’s Collection Development Committee, and Independent Study in sponsoring the TellMeMore language software for the next three years.

The software offers language instruction at any level – from beginning language acquisition, to advanced language maintenance and curricular support. TellMeMore uses a patented Speech Recognition technology that immediately recognizes and flags spoken errors, helping language students develop a native’s pronunciation.

The varied benefits of TellMeMore for BYU faculty and students include: learning a language for the first time (for any reason or skill level), improving the level of comprehension, reading, speaking and writing in another language, and maintaining a speaker’s advanced level.

Many users across campus have discovered how helpful TellMeMore is for their language needs. TellMeMore includes grammatical, morphological, cultural and other added features which expand one’s ability to utilize their new language. TellMeMore is particularly helpful for students enrolled in a language course, regardless of the level, because of the supplemental helps. It is also beneficial to ESL students who want to improve their English ability.

While TellMeMore is available in BYU language-learning labs and other on-campus locations, students doing Independent Study, as well as those on study abroad, may also utilize this valuable resource.

Go to TellMeMore (Please note: Click on "New User" to log-in—Route-Y credentials are not recognized).

If you experience difficulty with access or login procedures and usage, e-mail